Language. Mind. User Experience.

These are inextricable concepts, yet few people know the depths at which they interact.

LinguistUX is designed  to map these depths with examples drawn from real-world products. My hope is to provide evidence of the following three statements:

  1. Linguists are critical to the next stages of UX research.
  2. User experience is largely informed by our embodied mental representations, and these representations are evident in the language we use.
  3. . There are often-overlooked insights to be gained from the language users recruit to describe experiences with products—even in their grammatical structures.

This site is largely based on three years of running a Boulder-based edtech startup called Inherent Games. Inherent Games developed language-learning games for mobile devices. That’s a simple sentence, but it’s a staggeringly difficult—and rewarding—process. After a significant amount of bashing our heads against the wall, we learned a simple truth: software must be driven by user experience.

We learned to go to high schools. Go to meet-ups. To awkwardly sit at event tables and hope people would approach us.  We learned and iterated. This website is partially designed to share some of the insights that conducting user experience has provided us, and I hope that it’s helpful.

But mostly, I hope you enjoy it.

Steve Duman is a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and Co-Founder of Inherent Games.




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